Will keywords be important for SEO in 2022?

 The choice of keywords is always important for SEO.

Yes, the choice of specific keywords will still be very important for the next year. These will bring both traffic to your website and increased sales. Here is an overview of the types of keywords to use and their benefits.

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Types of keywords to choose

Add these terms to your strategy to improve your website's position on search engines. By using them strategically, they will help you attract more visits to your website. Some of them can even be combined for optimal use.

Brand names and those not directly related to your business. are useful to inform the Internet user of what you offer on the market;

Location names: these indicate where your company is located, such as a city, country or continent name;

brand and geography;

The brand and the product.

Here are four pieces of information that will give you a better understanding of why keywords are still relevant for the next year.

1. Know user intent

The terms used by the Internet user to do his research online are good indicators of his need to be filled. In fact, from an SEO point of view, the search intent clearly describes the reason that motivated the Internet user to do his research. This is why a detailed analysis of the most searched keywords in your field is a good idea.

It is also worth pointing out that there are 4 groups of search intent: informative intent, navigational intent, commercial intent and transactional intent.

So using tools like Semrush or Moz, find the ones that are the most efficient and add them to your website pages. Then you can more easily guide the user to your content.

2. Help find opportunities

You can add keywords that are not directly related to the products and services that your company offers on the market, but which are related more broadly to the field in which you are located. For example, a bread supplier in grocery stores is not only required to add the term “bread” on its homepage. He can add content related to the market in which he operates. This tactic opens up opportunities to attract new users to your website.

3. Find the right target audience

Not reaching exactly the right target audience for your advertising campaigns? By analyzing the terms competitors are using, you can better compete with them in the same market. For example, if your biggest competitor uses the word “kids clothes” and they get a lot of visits to their website, you can also use this term to attract the right target customers. To do this, add it in your Google Ads ads, in your new blog posts or simply on a specific web page on your site.

4. Attract web traffic

It's no secret that search results on the first page of Google, Bing, or any other search engine get the majority of clicks. Content with high ROI strategic keywords should be considered. At this time, the visibility of your platform will improve in combination with the creation of quality links (linkbuilding) and other web SEO tactics.

The important thing is to reassess the popularity of each keyword you use often while being open to finding new opportunities for the next year.


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