SEO PR. What is behind this acronym and who will benefit from such actions?

 In modern marketing, there is no more effective way to reach your customers than to be visible to them on the internet. Unfortunately, with ever-changing search engine algorithms and growing competition in many fields, this is no easy task. SEO activities, i.e. a strategy to make it easier to reach specific groups, is not just about selecting the right keywords. In order to reinforce your brand and show your best side, image positioning should also be considered.

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Public relations as part of SEO strategy

The acronym SEO PR may seem a bit mysterious. Fortunately, it is quite easy to decode. I will say that a combination of Search Engine Optimization, i.e. the optimization of the website for search engines and public relations understood as a conscious shaping of the image through the choice of the language and style of messages. Can these seemingly distant domains be combined?

Entrepreneurs have already enjoyed content marketing by investing in high-quality content published on websites or a business blog. It is no longer a worthless base, which only aims to promote the brand in the Google search engine. To develop and publish content, experts are employed not only to interest potential customers, but also to provide them with useful information.

SEO PR is the next step in building the image of a reliable brand or contractor. It is a combination of positioning-related activities with a conscious presence in social media or other online places important to a given business.

Social media PR activities and brand building strategies

People who develop an SEO strategy know that the very process of selecting to make the keywords used effective is not a simple task. Adding something that will impact a positive brand image is even more difficult. However, companies such as Funkymedia prove that SEO and PR can go hand in hand. Often, customers search for information about a particular company by entering phrases such as opinions, comments, recommendations.

Traditional SEO activities usually omit these words, considering them irrelevant. It's a hell of a mistake. It is worthwhile for the customer who wants to learn something about the company in this way, to find a positive message, which can additionally encourage him to take advantage of the offer. Equally important is word of mouth marketing, i.e. presence in various groups and forums. Such conscious and planned action is certainly a profitable investment that not only attracts new recipients, but also builds positive long-term relationships with them.


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