Public relations to the rescue of linkbuilding

 In our article last week, we discussed the phenomenon of link reduction in SEO.

This week, we try to be more optimistic and offer you an effective solution to this new reality in terms of linking.

Although it requires a lot of time for marketing and SEO professionals, public relations (PR) is essential for quality link building.


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A way to get better web visibility

Public relations provides visibility to a business and its website on several different levels at once.

First of all, PR makes it possible to obtain not only strong links to our site, but also quality ones.

Then, the development of public relations with the right people contributes to the increase in the notoriety of a company.

You could even be considered a specialist, even a leader in your field, if you are able to promote yourself properly.

When this happens, Google and other search engines are more likely to present you to users who query on their platform.

Finally, superior management of public relations also means superior management of an organization's Web reputation.


Public Relations Promotion Tactics

Press releases

This tactic mainly applies to medium and large businesses, but can also be adapted to small businesses.

Although this tactic is not new, it is still effective today, if deployed properly and in moderation.

To maximize its impact, you need to offer something crisp that journalists will be happy to put in their mouths.

Do not write something rehashed that has already been used on your website or elsewhere on the web and above all, do not write a text based on your keywords.

Instead, focus on something new about your business, an interesting element that is part of your news!

Then you need to send it to the right media. We obviously advise you to prioritize those that affect, directly or indirectly, your environment.

Own a smaller organization? Identify local media and get in touch with them.

We are talking here about radio stations, newspapers or cultural magazines in your region.

Although smaller and not necessarily specialized in your industry, they can allow you to reach potential customers directly.

Marketing campaigns

Reaching the right people is important, but giving them a reason to talk about you is even more so.

Creating a marketing campaign about the new product you are launching or to promote a seasonal service is always a good thing to do.

This allows you to accentuate your presence on the web during the crucial launch period in addition to strengthening your brand image.

 Single images

We have already discussed this in a previous article, but the use of images in link building is worth mentioning once again.

By ensuring you have a well-stocked photo bank, you will always be able to offer exclusive content that will allow you to distinguish yourself from your competition.

And God knows how much exclusivity pleases the media and journalists, especially if they are covering your press release.

The citations

In addition to giving you unparalleled visibility, citations allow you to position yourself as an important player in your sector of activity.


The creation of documents exposing internal statistics

This tactic may seem controversial since it somehow discloses part of a company's intellectual property.

On the other hand, it also allows your business to become a single source of information that has never been exposed before.

This is why we advise you to really ask yourself questions about the subjects that will be covered in the documents produced.

At the end of this process, if this is still a tactic you want to implement, gather all the relevant information you can get.

Remember that it is possible to offer valuable data, statistics or information to users, without these being used against you, by your competitors.

You will have to draw a line between completely confidential information and information that can be presented.

We've only given you 5 PR tactics, but remember there are plenty.

All you have to do is select the ones that will fit most naturally with your company's SEO strategy.

We hope we have awakened the creative spirit that was dormant in you, to allow you to promote your website through PR.


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