What is internal linking?

 Internal linking improves SEO.

The internal mesh is a determining element for the quality of the SEO of a website. It allows, among other things, to be more visible to search engines. This is why it is important to understand how it works.

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Definition of internal mesh

It is the organization of all the internal links that end up on a single website. An internal link refers to a URL that points to another page on the same platform.

Why is mesh important?

A quality mesh will promote good referencing on search engines. It helps to improve the visibility of your business when people search online.

Plus, it makes it easy for visitors to find their way around your site. The user experience is therefore favored, which once again earns you points with search engines.

How to build a strong link?

First, a good idea is to create a map of your site as a whole. Ideally, this step should be done even before the creation of your platform. Use a “mind map” tool to visualize it all more easily, such as:



Then, organize all your ideas using the semantic cocoon. A few tools like Screaming Frog can help you get the job done.

What are the best practices?

In terms of internal linking, good practices revolve around three axes: the choice of linking, anchors and orphan pages.

1. Choose the type of organization of the mesh

There are 3 choices for organizing the mesh: anarchy, tree or silo. You choose! However, we prefer the latter two.

In the first, no particular rules are followed. Each of the pages of the site contains a link to all the pages of your site. However, the number of links is the same, which does not distinguish you in the Google algorithm.

The second is simple: like a tree, the organization is hierarchical. The home page is at the very top, followed by the main tabs and so on. It gives an order of importance to certain pages of the platform.

As for the third, the pages with the same theme are grouped together in the same silo. This organization greatly promotes SEO, but it requires more thought.

2. Take meaningful URL anchors

Link anchors are the words on which you will decide to add a link to another page of interest to readers. The choice of these positionings of links is important and it must be diversified Do not always take the same keyword to affix a useful anchor.

3. Eliminate orphan pages

This type of page does not receive an internal link, which is not optimal for SEO. These pages can be detected easily with a graphical representation analysis described above.

In conclusion, a quality internal link will promote the web referencing of your platform. This is an important element that will create value for the user experience and accelerate search engine support.


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