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As the owner of your business, you know how important it is for your website to be seen and visited by your customers. This helps to make your products and services better known and to increase your sales. Natural referencing also helps to strengthen your brand.

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But for this to become a reality, you have to set up a natural referencing campaign quickly. Admittedly, natural referencing, also called organic referencing, will not guarantee you immediate notoriety, but if you obtain a good ranking in the SERPS (search results) your traffic will increase as well as your sales.

Interesting no? Read on to learn more about SEO and game-changing SEO strategies for your business.

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Definition of natural referencing

Natural referencing is the set of actions that make up the marketing strategy that aims to obtain the best organic results on search engines from a query. This involves keyword research, link building and technical website optimization.

Natural referencing (SEO) is very different from paid referencing (SEM). The results are not purchased via an advertising interface like Google to obtain the positions at the top of the results pages, but obtained by the relevance of the content of the page corresponding to the keyword requested in the request. This relevance is obtained by making several optimizations.

Natural referencing therefore has 3 categories of optimizations:

– The technical optimization of your website (robots.txt, sitemaps, speed, etc.).

– Optimization of website content (text, images, videos).

– Optimization of the level of Web confidence (Trust) of your site.

Natural referencing: the advantages.

Generating traffic to your website is without a doubt the #1 benefit.

Indeed, according to the Search Engine Market site, natural referencing is the first source of traffic on a website. And much of that traffic comes from Google (see Figure 1 below). This is therefore a major advantage both from a traffic point of view but also from a sales conversion point of view.

Increasing brand awareness

This trust in the brand will be greater through natural referencing than through any other type of digital advertising, but just as in reality, it takes time and cannot be done overnight. That's why, it's essential to follow Google's E-A-T guidelines to get good results.

A better user experience

 To have good results with natural referencing, we must also take into account the quality of the user experience. This is especially true as Google now understands how to treat a good user experience from a bad one, thanks to its recent Google's Page Experience Update. By its nature, natural referencing brings this advantage.

Natural referencing is inexpensive and profitable

Organic SEO is an inexpensive way to drive traffic, especially compared to other forms of digital marketing. Indeed, once you are in the search results, you pay nothing when Internet users use Google to find your site.

Thereafter, all you have to pay is the cost of content creation, strategy, and link building. Compared to other forms of advertising this is very little. For example, if you are using a PPC campaign, you have to pay every time someone clicks on your ads. And the costs vary greatly depending on the keywords you use.

Other forms of advertising are also very expensive whether it is TV, billboards, radio, podcasts or sponsorships, you will still have to pay to be seen.

We therefore understand that natural referencing is profitable. Because once your site is ranked in the search engine results pages, it can stay there for a very long time, and you will continue to generate traffic and leads for months or even years.

Natural referencing is very beneficial for companies.

As we have described, natural referencing brings many advantages while remaining an economical solution in the short and medium term. In reality, it is more of an investment than an advertising expense. The increase in traffic and notoriety remain important advantages for any company and natural referencing can contribute to this.

In addition, the importance of textual content and particularly the choice of keywords is becoming more and more an issue to consider. New trends such as semantic search and semantic SEO have appeared and they will be the subject of a future post.


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