How to Write Unique Article for Blog Post. What is Unique Article? Unique & High Quality Article

 Here we are going to tell you in this post how you can write Unique & SEO Friendly Article for your blog post. Whenever it comes to getting our post ranked in Google / getting approval of AdSense for your website, then one thing remains common at that time that you should put a unique article on your website.

So here we will know these things and understand that after all what is a unique article, how can we write a unique article etc. So must read this post completely.

What is Unique Article?

Whenever you search a question on Google, Google shows you only those 10 websites on the 1st page whose content is unique & high, although website ranking also depends on the age of the domain, how old is your domain but Much more depends on your content.

When you tell the solution of all the questions related to a topic in your article, as well as that solution is really correct and useful and the user is satisfied with that post, then such posts are called Unique & High.

Guide (How to Write Unique & High Quality Article)

Here we are going to explain to you step by step heading below that how you can write Unique & High Quality article, let's know --------------

How to Write Unique Article for Blog Post. What is Unique Article? Unique & High Quality Article

Understand how to write an article on a topic

It is going on in the mind of many bloggers that on the topic on which they want to write articles, many websites have already been written on Google, so what should we do?

See, first of all, search on Google on the topic on which you want to write an article, and open the Top 10 website that Google shows you on the 1st page and analyze what is the default in their post and if not default If so, which other questions related to this topic have not been answered by them, you should note all these things.

Similarly, you have to analyze 10 websites, then after that you have to pay more attention to one thing that as soon as you search any topic on Google, at the bottom you see a box of Related Searches in which something related to the same topic. If there are keywords like questions, then you should also note them.

And then you write the same topic in your Blogger, in which there is no default, answer all the questions that will come related to that topic, answer it and the question you showed in the box of Related Searches in Google. You cover in your post, write the answer in such a way that whatever user comes, they get satisfied with your post and they do not have to go to any other post again.

In this way you have to write a post so that your post will be of Unique & High Quality, as well as your post will rank and if AdSense approval is not received then that too will be available soon.

Put headings, subheadings etc. in your post

When you start writing your post, then you should make the main keywords Major heading, Heading, Sub-heading, etc., so that the user who comes will know that you are answering the questions related to which main topic next. |

Beautifully decorate the words in your post

While writing your post, what you are telling the answers i.e. in the form of paragraph, make sure to bold, italic, underline, colorful some key words in it, this makes your post look beautiful and also attracts users.

Use unique photos in your posts

You can use Paint / Photoshop program on your laptop or use Pixellab app on mobile to apply thumbnail in your post. With their help, you can create your own unique thumbnail.

You never have to download photos from any other website and download them directly from Google because these images are copyrighted.

Instead, you can use the online Pixabay / Pexels website, in which you get copyright free images or you can download small materials from Google, with the help of which you can create a thumbnail.


How did you like the information given here, we must tell in the comment box below and share this information so that other bloggers can also get help.

If you follow all the rules given in this post, then your post will be 100% Unique & High Quality, so that your post will also rank in Google and AdSense approval will also be available soon.

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