SEO: How to optimize your budget?

Practice: While an agency specializing in marketing can make a good return on its investment in the various SEO tools, this is not necessarily the case for bloggers or freelancers. Here's how not to squeeze your budget.

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Most good SEO tools offer subscriptions around 100 euros per month, with the exception of Ubersuggest, which is more affordable. However, even if limited to what is strictly necessary, the sums spent can quickly become significant. There is a perfectly legal way to get by at a lower cost: group buy SEO.

These are mutual online services: the Internet user will pay a subscription to a platform and, thanks to this platform, he will have access to most of the known and recognized tools. Instead of paying 100 euros for a tool, he will pay 40 euros to have access to ten quality tools.

The advantages of group buying SEO

The first is obviously the cost. Paying 40 euros to get access to Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Envato, Twenty20, Article Forge, etc. is ridiculous considering the individual cost of these tools. Another advantage is that it allows them to be tested. Indeed, many SEO tools do not have a free trial formula allowing the user to get an idea.

There are two main families of group buy SEO: providers who offer subscriptions with packages already configured, ready to use or almost, and sellers who offer discounted prices for each service. It is up to the customer to choose what can be the most economical for him: an all-inclusive formula or an à la carte formula.

From the moment you think you have the usefulness of more than 30% of the services included in the all-in-one packages, it may be more advantageous to use them.

The points not to hide

As attractive as the use of group buy SEO is, there are certain disadvantages that should not be overlooked. Who says mutual services says shared access. You will never be alone on the services used. Other users will have access to the various information that you indicate.

So if you use Ahrefs for keyword research or site auditing, other people will see your audit. You should not use this type of offer if you want to maintain a certain confidentiality. Best practice is to always clear your searches, queries, etc.

As in all groups, some users are well behaved and some are not. Thus, you risk running into access limitations, because one or more other users have literally wasted the available resources.

Reserved for text content

Most vendors ask you to install a browser extension, composing an identifying cookie. Unfortunately, it happens that the session has expired, and you lose your access. You should therefore never resort to group buy SEO for graphic or video creation. Indeed, unlike the generation of written content, which can be done in a few minutes, anything related to graphics or video requires time and templates are frequently used. If you lose your access, you lose your job.

Technical detail: Most sellers have a zero-tolerance policy regarding account sharing. If you use a particular machine, you will not be able to use another one. Note that some extensions that you will be asked to install to access the various services may impact your browsing on Chrome.

Finally, it happens that the seller forgets to renew his own accounts. Consequence: you lose yours with it.

Explanation of the system and practical advice

How can sellers offer you attractive prices on these tools? Most tools have premium offers, with unlimited access, at very high prices. Vendors buy subscriptions and resell access, piece by piece so to speak, to other customers.

If you choose to use group buy SEO to optimize your budget, here are some tips to follow:

First, use a PayPal account or a credit card that will only be dedicated to this. So, if there is a glitch, you will not empty your bank account.

Open a dedicated e-mail box under any pseudonym. In terms of computer security, it is not said that you have the best in front of you.

Always save or export your work and erase it from the tool you used. For example, if you used a content builder to create an article, save it in text format, then delete it from the workspace and the trash.

Expect that the service may be unavailable at times. It's part of the game! Obviously, this will always happen at the least opportune moment.

If you use a tool very frequently, need quiet access to it, or need privacy, consider paying for your own subscription.

Since you will be asked to install a browser extension, usually for Chrome, if this is your usual browser, make yourself a profile that will only be dedicated to that.

In summary, SEO group buys are perfect when you need temporary access, to do a quick SEO audit or to have access to resources. It's a good idea to optimize your budget, but it can be dangerous for your business to rely only on it.

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