New for Core Web Vitals Report in Search Console

 Google has just announced an update to its Core Web Vitals report in Search Console: URL-level data will now be available.

The “Essential Web Signals” section of Search Console now shows page-by-page performance when available.

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Quick access to the Page Speed Insights report of the listed URL is also accessible by clicking on the 3 small vertical dots to the right of each URL listed in the section

In this revised version of the Search Console Core Web Vitals report, Google now reports the number of URLs per group and their:

- Group CLS: “The group CLS is the weakest CLS for 75% of visits to a group URL”;

- Group LCP: “The group LCP is the time it takes for 75% of visits to a URL in that group to reach the LCP. LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) indicates the time it takes for the browser to display the largest element visible in the viewport. »

- Group FID: Group FID is the time it takes for 75% of visits to a URL in that group to respond to the user's first interaction on that page.

From our observations, groups of URLs are automatically formed by Google based on the path of URLs (directories and type of URL).

The pages of the same category are thus grouped together, which allows performance analysis by page template or URL category.

As a reminder, this report displays the performance of web pages based on actual usage data collected by Google through its Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX report).

Google doesn't have enough data for all pages on a site, but it will now show all available data in this report.


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