How and why create a carousel on Linkedin?

 Do you want to create a slider or carousel on Linkedin? Here's how to share one on a business or personal account.

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Linkedin is full of features and possibilities not always exploited by web marketers. If carousels are increasingly used by brands and informed users on Linkedin, many are still unaware of their existence and their interest. Here is concretely why and how to create them.

PS: in this article, we are going to talk about the free carousel format offered natively to all Linkedin accounts and pages and not the advertising carousel format available via the Linkedin advertising platform.

Linkedin carousels: 4 reasons to use them in your social media strategy carousel linkedin

- Recent change in the Linkedin algorithm = dwell time becomes an organic reach booster factor: the time spent on publications is now included in the list of factors that positively influence organic reach in the Linkedin news feed. The more interesting your publication will be (and potentially long to read), the more it will naturally be favored in the Linkedin news feed. The carousel is thus perfectly adapted to this algorithmic change.


- Carousel = engaging format. Carousels are a very engaging format that will boost the organic visibility of your publication if it is well done (Linkedin's algorithm takes each click or slide on mobile to read more as proof of engagement and interest in the publication).

- More engagement on a post = a boost in organic reach on future posts. Recently, the Linkedin algorithm calculates the time spent on a publication (dwell time) and takes it into account to favor or not the publications in the news feed. The more a publication has a high engagement rate (comments, reactions, clicks, time spent, etc.), the more Linkedin will tend to boost your next publications naturally: alternate between publications in the carousel format that brings engagement and formats that allow redirecting traffic to your website or acquisition landing page is therefore a very good way to maximize the performance of your webmarketing actions on Linkedin.

- Visual format = better understanding and retention of the marketing message. The carousel format is a very visual format that can get simple but clear messages across in seconds. If a single visual would be too busy if you had to send 3 marketing messages at the same time, a carousel would be perfectly suited and much clearer for the reader.

How to create a carousel post on Linkedin?carousel post on linkedin

To create a post in carousel format on Linkedin, you really only need to do two things:

       - Create a PDF (yes a pdf) of several pages that will correspond to the different slides of your Linkedin carousel (preferably with the help of a graphic designer).

      - Share this PDF via Linkedin's "Share a document" option from the interface for creating a publication on Linkedin from a profile or professional page

From a profile, click on the interface for creating a publication then click on the document icon to find the option “Share a document“.

From a page, just click on the icon in the form of a document to the right of the interface for creating a publication (directly visible).

Once the PDF is integrated, all you have to do is define a visible title at the top of it and embellish your publication with an engaging and explanatory hook of your choice, with or without a link.


What tools should be favored to easily create LinkedIn carousels? linkedin carousel post

Canva linkedin boost post

To create simple and effective carousels, you can use a well-known tool for community managers: Canva. Indeed, with its simple operation that makes graphic creation accessible to everyone, the Canva online platform will allow you to create the perfect carousel in a few minutes to catch the eye of your network.

Whether you use Canva with its free or paid plan, it doesn't matter. In any case, you will have the keys in hand to achieve a qualitative rendering.

Here is the procedure to follow to create your carousel:

* Create an account on Canva, if you haven't already.

* Then, on the homepage of the tool, click on the “Create a design” button at the top right, then search for “LinkedIn post” and click. (or create a custom-sized visual with a square format).

* You will then arrive on the graphic creation interface of the tool. On the left menu, you will have access to many models if you do not want to start from scratch. Some are free, others reserved for Pro accounts.

* Whether you are starting from scratch or not, you can take advantage of many customization tools to create your slides: graphic elements, text, adding photos, etc. Everything works in drag and drop and the colors are customizable.

* Once you have finished the first slide, you can go to the 2nd by clicking on “Add a page”.

* Finally, once you have finished your superb carousel, you will have to export it by clicking on the “Share” button at the top right then “Download”. You will need to select the standard PDF file type to be able to import it on LinkedIn.


Adobe Creative Cloud Suite linkedin video carousel

If you are more of a designer soul and want to unleash your creativity, you can also opt for more professional tools to create your LinkedIn carousel. This is the case of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. It is a suite that brings together all of Adobe's multimedia creation tools, a benchmark in the field.

For the creation of the carousel itself, the 2 tools that seem to be the most suitable are InDesign (creation of documents) or Photoshop (rather oriented global graphic creation). Of course, it will be necessary, as on Canva, to respect the formats imposed by LinkedIn, namely square slides and in PDF.

The other tools in the suite can be complementary and useful for creating your carousel. For example, with Illustrator, you will be able to create superb icons. On Adobe Stock, you will find many images of illustrations to integrate. On Adobe Fonts, you will have access to thousands of text fonts to give your carousel a unique style.

The carousel format offered by LinkedIn represents a real potential that it seems crucial to exploit to optimize its presence on this network. If you apply the best practices to follow and equip yourself with the right tools, you will be on the right track to seduce your audience! If you have any feedback on the use of this format, do not hesitate to share it with us in the comment space below.


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