SEO agency: what are the advantages

 Being well positioned in the SERPs of Google is not the result of chance. This requires the intervention of a very specific expertise: SEO.

 In recent years, many agencies have specialized in this sector. What can you expect from an SEO agency? What can it bring to your business? How to choose the right agency? This article will take stock of his skills before guiding you in choosing a reliable and qualitative service provider.

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What is an SEO agency?

SEO is a set of techniques that allows websites to position themselves better on the Google results pages (SERP). The SEO agency is a service provider that optimizes your SEO by taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of your site. The goal is to boost your traffic.

 She will therefore put in place a strategy that will allow your site to position itself well in the SERPs. To achieve this, several techniques are implemented, including keyword analysis and netlinking. 

The first consists of analyzing the keywords of your competitors using powerful tools such as SEMRush or Ahref. The second aims to increase the number of backlinks on external sites that will link to your site.

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For an optimal linking strategy, it is recommended to be vigilant about the choice of partners when exchanging links. It is more efficient to work with a website with a Domain Authority of at least 20.

 The Moz tool can give you this metric. This detail is very important, because during the exchange, you will benefit from the reputation of the partner site. The higher the partner's DA, the more effective the linking campaign will be. 

This will be a springboard to improve the visibility of your site! A service provider specializing in natural referencing will be able to select quality sites for an effective linking campaign.

41 ebooks set of SEO and online marketing

An SEO agency analyzes and then issues on-site and off-site recommendations. On-site recommendations relate to the characteristics specific to your site.

 This may include: optimizing H1, H2 tags, inserting keywords, rewriting certain pages, optimizing meta descriptions and image ALT tags, creating relevant internal linking... Everything is based on the structure of your website and the quality of the content. 

The relevance of keywords is also one of the factors that creates an environment conducive to traffic to your site. Indeed, it is necessary to integrate the keywords most used by Internet users on Google search engines.

Off-site recommendations, on the other hand, concern SEO parameters external to your site. They are decisive in helping you position yourself on competitive keywords. Among these off-site criteria, you will find: the presence of quality backlinks on other sites, the presence of social network links, the mention of your company on qualitative sites…

41 ebooks set of SEO and online marketing

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