School failure and social networks: is there a link?

 The Internet is a great source of information that can be very valuable for studies and work. But social networks can, in turn, harm us.

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Indeed, more and more students are in a situation of academic failure, a consequence of the many hours spent chatting.

Great learning difficulties during the school curriculum, even early abandonment and without a diploma. Source: Wiktionary

Do social networks play a role in school failure?

A study, carried out by the University of Ohio in the United States on 219 students, aims to find out if Facebook is one of the reasons for school failure. Of these students, 117 graduated and 102 did not. It was found that only 52% of graduates had a Facebook account. While 85% of those who did not have a diploma have a Facebook account.

It is also mentioned that students with a Facebook account spend between 1 and 5 hours a week working while students without an account work an average of 11 to 15 hours a week.

We therefore see that social networks, and Facebook in this case, are not innocent and do not orient towards work.

Studies on the subject show that on average, each year, a high school student spends 900 hours in class compared to around 1,200 hours in front of their screens.

The same goes for phones. Since we see that 95.6% of adolescents who are between 12 and 18 years old in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation have a smartphone. The average age of obtaining is 13.5 years. It has also been observed that girls spend more time there than boys.

Social networks can be a threat to studies and affect student concentration; It is up to everyone to be vigilant and to take responsibility!

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