Social media strategy: 5 ideas for the holiday season

 That's it, here we are, it's the long-awaited holiday season! For your business to get noticed on social networks, you need to build a real strategy dedicated to this festive period. Take advantage of it, this is one of the most favorable times of the year for building customer loyalty if they are satisfied and won over by your valuable advice.

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Make way for visuals dedicated to the holiday season

As soon as possible, or today if it hasn't already been done, give a festive touch to your social media pages by adopting visuals dedicated to Christmas and New Year themes. Cover photo, posts or even a virtual advent calendar, get creative with building your social media strategy to get your pages in the holiday spirit.

Highlight your products with photos that show that they are perfect gifts or products to get for the best possible end-of-year celebrations.

The more aesthetic and original your publications are, the more people will feel the Christmas magic that emanates from your company and will want to share them on their own pages. Don't hesitate to use the royalty-free image banks!

Give practical advice for the holiday season

Give gift advice or practical advice based on the products you sell. For both New Year's Eve, people have a budget dedicated to spending on gifts, decoration, food or even outings.

However, they do not always have the ideas or the time to do a lot of research to be original and trendy. This is where you can intervene and help them by offering them ideas, but also by designing their meals or their Christmas and New Year's parties thanks to your products.

Because this is a busy time, consider creating posts that give details of your special holiday hours or delivery arrangements, as people are often concerned about this.

Organize a festive contest

Christmas is the time when we offer, but also when we expect to receive gifts. Your regular and loyal customers will be delighted and grateful to receive a present from you during this festive period. If your loyal clientele is large, you can, for example, organize a special Christmas contest on Facebook.

To do this, create a post that your customers can like and share to win a gift. Now is the perfect time to reward people who follow you on social media.

Make special holiday storytelling

The holiday season is the time for magic, stories, tales and therefore storytelling. To sell your products and services during this time for trade, tell stories with your products. Be creative by showcasing your products using videos or photos.

During this sweet time, use a light and comedic tone. Know that a publication with a video will attract on average three times more than a simple article. Through publications, also invite people who follow you on social networks to communicate about their personal stories with your products and reward those who play the game.

Use special hashtags for the holidays

When establishing your special holiday season social media strategy, consider finding hashtags that characterize Christmas and New Year's Day. To give your business greater visibility and stand out, you can also create a hashtag specially designed for the occasion. For example, you can create one with the image of your company and the holidays.

Also, don't hesitate to use hashtags on dates because this time of year is sometimes a real race against time that requires reminders to have everything ready on D-Day. For example, use the Hashtag D-5 for people late on purchases can stumble upon your last-minute deals.

As you will have understood, the holiday season is the time to thrill your customers with more important and more festive publications, but also publications that can help them manage everything during this intense period. Be creative, find your child's soul and help your customers have a magical time without any problems.

We support you in your strategy for the end of the year celebrations! Make an appointment with the agency :)

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