SEO optimization of an online spice sales site

 Partial visual overhaul and SEO optimization

Optimization of SEO and responsive design of the e-commerce site

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Epicesettous is an e-commerce site offering a wide range of spices, chillies, peppers, salt, oils and vinegars, teas and various coffees. You will also find well-being products, gift ideas and some spicy recipes!

Our involvement:

- Resumption of responsive design

- SEO Optimization


- Resumption of the responsive design Header / Footer Full Responsive,

- Resumption of the responsive design of simple pages, categories, Full Responsive contact and restyling,

- Resumption of the responsive design of the Full Responsive Cart/Order/Registration page and restyling,

- Fixed a bug when registering, subscription to the newsletter is no longer mandatory,

- Stylization of the "my addresses", "my history", "my lists", "my personal information" page,

SEO optimization:

- SEO Analysis,

- Addition + breadcrumb stylization,

- Removal of css overloads,

- Compression of all CSS files into one,

- Modification title Index tag,

- SEO Index improvement,

- Change markup 'h2 > h5' to 'h1 > h2 > h3',

- Improved SEO Categories. Modification of markup 'h1 > h5' to 'h1 > h2 > h3',

- Improved SEO Categories. The H1 no longer contains "<span>there are X products</span>",

- Addition of the CGV link in the footer,

- Added favicon,

- Changing canonical links to 301 instead of 302,

- Fixed link naming + added alt attribute on images,

- Removal of multiple links, products now only have one link (against 5 before, including 2 not visible which was used for a hypothetical mobile version) Image & Title is found in the same <a> tag, removal of a button "details", SEO obliges,

- Added Facebook owner tag,

- Adding the Sitemap link in the robots.txt,

- Added canonical link,

- Optimization of product listing markup,

- Micro-data 100% operational,

- Removal of child categories in the footer hidden in the css, (reduction of the number of links and increase of the juice),

- Optimization of the internal mesh,

- Reducing the size of images,

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