AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages: Google speeds up the web on Mobile

 Google has officially launched its AMP format with the aim of displaying web pages much faster on mobile!

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AMP… What is it?

AMP (acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a new Open Source format launched by Google. It speeds up the loading of web pages on smartphones.

An AMP page is a web page whose code respects a certain number of constraints (such as avoiding the JavaScript language), with the objective of:

  • faster loading,
  • better navigation comfort.

We find the same principle at Facebook with Instant Articles and at Apple with Apple News.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages project was unveiled in October and December 2015, Google announced at the time that it would use these pages from February 2016, it is!

A website has also been put online to follow the evolution of the project, consult tutorials, documentation and useful information to validate your AMP pages.

Unlike Facebook and Apple, which upload content to applications, Google's project helps publishers and web agencies create web pages faster.

What changes?

Concretely, if a mobile Internet user makes a request on Google and clicks on the link of a web page with an AMP version, he will be automatically redirected to this light version and not to the classic version in order to reduce the loading time. At the moment, very few sites have taken the plunge and AMP results are rare in search results.

When content in AMP format is available in your search results, a pictogram in the form of a white lightning bolt in a green circle will be displayed below or next to the formatted page.

This system is being deployed and the pictograms in question will not invade search results tomorrow.

How to test an AMP web page?

Google put online on June 21, 2016 an AMP validator accessible to all, it will allow you to check your site complies with Google's requirements.

For those who are lucky enough to use WordPress and who unfortunately do not have the time to code a real AMP version of their site, there is an extension to automatically generate each page of your site in a “mobile accelerated” version.

For those who can do it now, do not hesitate, there is a good chance that AMP will become a new Google SEO criterion.

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